Adults orthodontic treatment

Adults can achieve a great smile and bite improvement with orthodontic treatment. Age is not a barrier to treatment at any age if your gums and bone structure are healthy. With modern technology such as Invisalign, Clear align and the Suresmile system treatment can be tailored to meet your needs.

You shouldn’t be afraid of treatment as an adult. Up to 20% of all patients are now adult. Also, the aesthetics of orthodontic treatment using clear aligners and new generation ceramic braces now make orthodontic treatment much less visible than the days of metal braces only.


Reasons to treat

The complexity of treatment can vary, depending on what your goals are and the diagnosis of your bite by Dr Singer. At Kingsley Orthodontics we will tailor your treatment to meet your individual concerns. The use of digital scanning allows a variety of treatment options to be accessed using the diagnostic capacity of the Suresmile system so that the best outcome can be achieved for you.

Straighten teeth and improve your smile

It's never too late.

Adjunctive treatment

Some patients need treatment to help a dentist restore their mouth with crowns or implants.

Treatment of relapsed orthodontic treatment

If retainers have not been worn tooth movement may have recurred.

Here are some common worries other adult patients have expressed.

Crooked teeth-Teeth used to be straight

Excessive spacing – Increasingly concerned

Grinding and wear – Shortened teeth

Poor smile – Loss of lip support with time

• Changing bite – Eating difficulty

Snoring – Obstructive sleep apnoea??


If you would like further treatment information please ask one of the receptionists for a complimentary consultation when you are in the clinic.

Treatment Solutions


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SURESMILE & 3D Scanning

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