The Process

Your consultation

At this visit you will learn about your bite and the possible treatment options we can offer to correct your bite and give you straight teeth. A personalised treatment plan will be designed to meet your needs and desired outcome. The cost and the different interest free payment plans that are available will be provided.

Placement of braces or clear aligners

If you decide to go ahead with treatment the next step will be to prepare for placement of braces or clear aligners. Impressions, digital records of your mouth and photographs of your teeth and smile will be taken. At the next appointment we will fit your new braces, plates  or clear aligners depending upon Dr Singers diagnosis.


This appointment and usually takes about an hour. Afterwards we will give you instructions on how to take care of your new appliance.


A series of regular appointments are made to adjust your appliances to maintain progress. These are short appointments and we’ll happily fit them to accommodate your busy schedule.


Once the bite has been corrected the braces will be gently removed and retainers placed to keep your new smile. A fixed retainer will be put behind your lower teeth and removable upper and lower retainer made for you to wear at night. You play a vital part in this process by following the retention instructions provided by the staff at Kingsley Orthodontics.

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