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Orthodontics in Children

Orthodontics is for everyone, including children, as their permanent teeth start to erupt. For kids with irregularities in teeth or jaw, orthodontic intervention may be required. Some options include braces, Invisalign, and other treatments, depending on your child’s case. They can help close gaps, improve bite, or straighten teeth. Prompt and proper care should be provided so kids will have the perfect smile they deserve to last a lifetime.

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Teen Orthodontics

Teen orthodontics treatments typically begin anywhere from 12 to 16. Around these ages, permanent teeth have already grown. It’s easier to detect if a teenager has orthodontic problems, such as gaps, crowding, or misalignment. The structure of the bones and jaws may have already formed sufficiently. Therefore, it is an excellent time for full braces or other treatments.

Adult Orthodontics

Adults and seniors can benefit from orthodontic treatments. It is crucial to make sure you get to keep your teeth in their best possible condition. With the help of orthodontics, adults can have a straight smile that they have always wanted. But it is not just about fixing crooked or misaligned teeth. You also get the benefits associated with properly aligned jaws and a healthier mouth. It’s never too late to start.

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Orthodontics with Surgery

When a severe case cannot be corrected by merely using dental appliances, it may require orthodontics with surgery. Also called orthognathic surgery, it is best for patients with jaw bone abnormalities and bad bites. After a thorough assessment, our orthodontist will tell you if you need surgery to correctly align your jaw. Normally, you will wear braces after the surgery to move your teeth to their correct places.

Teeth aligners

Invisalign (Clear Aligners)

Many teens and adults prefer clear aligners. Invisalign has become a name synonymous with a pretty smile without using metal on the teeth. The plastic aligners are almost invisible and can easily be removed when you eat or brush your teeth. Invisalign is perfect for people with simple to complicated alignment issues. Your orthodontist will tell you whether or not this treatment is best for your case.

Clear metal braces

Braces (Fixed Appliances)

Braces adhere to your teeth permanently. Wires are tightened throughout the whole treatment to ensure your teeth shift to their right places. You will have to wear braces for less than a year up to three years or more. The duration will depend on the severity of your case. But once you are done with the treatment, A Kingsley Orthodontist will remove them for you. Now you will only be left with a beautiful smile.

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Incognito (Hidden Braces)

Incognito braces are just like the traditional metal braces. The big difference is where they are fixed. Instead of on the front of your teeth, incognito braces are at the back – hence, the name “hidden braces.” Also called lingual braces, incognito braces are practically invisible, but they have the same wires and brackets like conventional braces. Not all candidates are suitable for this type of dental appliance, including those with deep overbites. Your orthodontist will tell you if it is the best option for you.

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When your orthodontic treatment is complete, retainers will replace your braces. You will need a retainer and wear it for a certain period, usually at night. Never skip this step because it will help maintain your teeth, and you can have your new smile for the rest of your life. Retainers can also make small adjustments whenever necessary. If your alignment issue is quite minor, you may not even wear braces – just retainers. Your Kingsley orthodontist will, of course, work out the most suitable treatment for your teeth.

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