Jessica Frank from Kingsley Orthodontics smiling for the camera

Jessica Franke

General Dental Nurse & Front Office Coordinator

Jessica has an extensive work history in the dental industry where she’s been predominantly a general dental nurse. She has also worked with Anthony at another clinic for almost three years before accepting the job at Kingsley.

Jessica has a big interest in orthodontics, especially concerning working with kids. It is something that she enjoys; particularly knowing that she is a part of the transition. For her, it is rewarding to see young patients with crooked teeth or other problems, such as crowding and misalignment, get the appropriate treatment. In the end, they walk out of the office, feeling more confident and happier with their new smile.

Education and Qualifications

  • Certificate III in Dental Nursing
  • Dental Assistant Certificate
  • Dental Receptionist Certificate

Working at Kingsley Orthodontics

The culture at Kingsley, for Jessica, focuses on a team environment. Creating a positive workplace is everyone’s goal. The office is energetic and is surrounded by people who love what they do. They are happy to serve, which is why the practice is busy yet organised.

As a result of the welcoming atmosphere, patients are happy, not just with the treatment but the staff as well.

At Kingsley Orthodontics, Jessica’s day to day role involves:

  • Serving as the front office coordinator
  • Greeting patients
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Making people feel welcome

She prides herself on her excellence in customer service. After all, these patients are the reason why the business is alive. Therefore, she owes it to them to be warm and hospitable. Her goal is to make sure they are happy with the treatment and the experience as a whole.

Other Facts about Jessica

During her free time, she takes care of her children and loves to cook for them. She has been learning sign language, which is something she has always wanted to do. She has already begun with the basics and aims to move forward with the lessons. Apart from these activities, she also likes camping and fishing.

In the future, she wants to continue her career in the dental industry.

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