Debbie de Mello

Debbie de Mello

Orthodontics Receptionist

Debbie’s work history extends beyond the dental industry. Prior to her job at Kingsley Orthodontics, she first worked in the government. She took up various roles, including in different areas, such as licencing, finance, and HR.

Later on, she moved to work for Central TAFE to supervise the HR department for a few years until 2001. She then went to retail for two and a half years. Her journey towards the orthodontic field began when she did a course at MediTrain relating to the medical industry. Soon after that, she began to work with Kingsley Orthodontics and has been in dental practice for 12+ years.

Experience at Kingsley Orthodontics

Debbie has been with the practice for more than a decade, which speaks volumes about how much she enjoys working at Kingsley Orthodontics.

On an ordinary day, her routine tasks include:

  • Liaising with customers over the phone
  • Managing payment processing
  • Putting new patients in the system
  • Taking care of finance

It can get busy, but it is always productive. With good management in the workplace, things run smoothly.

Debbie is proud to say that Kingsley Orthodontics has a professional and positive work culture. All the staff members are easy to talk to and made up of nice people willing to help everyone out.

Debbie Outside of Work

Debbie is always a people person. She is approachable, which is why she is good with kids. She is involved in sports and helps train kids. For several years now, she has been a basketball coach with the Sunday League at Wanneroo for the WABL team. When she is not working or coaching, she enjoys having fun with her friends.

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