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Cassie Jecks

Dental Nurse

Cassie Jecks is Kingsley Orthodontics’ dental nurse. She was still taking her course but already started in the industry back in 2009. Straight after that, she began at a dental practice. She later found her way to Kingsley Orthodontics, which she has been with for about four years now.

Work Experience

Cassie was already in the dental industry since the beginning. However, her previous job did not allow her to spend enough time with her family. She switched to general practice in Mandurah, which she preferred because of the family-friendly hours.

She found another job in Pinjarra and stayed there for a while. It was before she decided to move north of the river to gain more opportunities for her daughter. She went to another dental office for general practice and then worked at Profile Orthodontics. It was a pleasant workplace, but it was not the family vibe that she was looking for. From there, she moved to Kingsley Orthodontics, which is one of her best decisions yet.

Cassie obviously transitioned from general practice dentistry to specialist orthodontics. The change was astoundingly enjoyable because she loves the challenge. The work environment was entirely new and unique to her. Although she was already qualified in many dental services, such as implants, she found orthodontics an exceptional practice.

Working at Kingsley Orthodontics

Cassie found the family vibe she was looking for in Kingsley Orthodontics. She has always been family orientated so she makes sure she has time for her kids and they do not feel left out. Being in orthodontics is not easy. It is a busy practice, which is why proper time management is the key.

Cassie has been with Kingsley Orthodontics for almost half a decade now. On her typical day, she would have the following duties:

  • Perform a scan of the patient’s teeth through the 3D scanner
  • Use the X-ray to evaluate the patient even further
  • Care for the patients to ensure they are comfortable before and after any procedure

It is also Cassie’s responsibility to talk to patients and keep them calm by explaining to them the benefits of their treatment. Some patients can get anxious, especially before the procedure. She tries her best to calm them down.

Cassie is well-versed in customer care and is always quite interested in serving the patients. Even though they may feel some pain or they are not comfortable with the braces, for instance, it will all be worth it in the end.

Dealing with patients is not always easy. However, because Cassie is customer-focused, she knows how to handle any given situation. For instance, if the customer becomes tense and has second thoughts about the process, she provides the assurance that the person requires.

Everyone has a different way of facing the inevitable procedure. Cassie, therefore, makes it her job to help them understand what the process entails. If she experienced it in the past, such as braces or Invisalign, she is willing to share her story with the patient. She guarantees them that life after braces is incredible.

What Does She Love Most About Her Job?

Cassie is a people person. But what she truly enjoys is interacting with the patients, especially the kids. She sees them on a regular basis, wanting them to have a better smile. They like talking to her and tell her about their experience with the aligners, braces, or other treatments they had.

For her, it is one of the most gratifying things about being in the industry and working for Kingsley Orthodontics.


  • Diploma in Dental Nursing in Kingston Australia in 2009
  • Prosthodontics through Dental Point where she learnt to choose the correct appearance of artificial teeth replacements for patients among other things
  • Implant Dentistry through Nobel Biocare in 2011
  • Endodontics training about microorganisms, infections, and bone density
  • Dental radiography for nursing

Future Career Path

Cassie Jecks is happy with where she is right now. But she is always up for any challenge as she seeks personal and professional development. She is eager to learn and improve her skills to serve the clients of Kingsley Orthodontics further.

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