Staff profile for treatment coordinator Bryony Mostert

Bryony Mostert

Treatment Coordinator

Bryony Mostert works as a dental nurse Oasis/Kingsley Orthodontics.

At the start of her career in the dentistry and orthodontics industry, she took a TAFE course, which was Certificate IV in Dental Nursing in the Western Australian Institute of Further Studies (WAIFS). It took her eight months to complete the course before she got a job and went ahead into General Practice.

Later on, Bryony moved to Brighton Beach Dental, where she worked for about three years.

Before joining Oasis Orthodontics, she worked at another dental office where she took on the role of working with a General Dentist.

After a four-month break to travel; she met Roxanne Rudden through a friend. Roxanne mentioned to her that the dental office where she was working needed a nurse in orthodontics.

It was something that Bryony looked forward to because she wanted to do something more than general dentistry. As soon as she started working, she knew she would not regret it. She loved orthodontics and being partnered with an oral surgeon and a periodontist. It was undoubtedly a refreshing beginning.

Bryony also worked with three specialists and had the main job of placing implants. Her role was dental nursing and treatment coordinating, but it is mainly the latter now with Dr Hopkins. She enjoys showing patients what their treatment will be like. She is also responsible for showing insurance options and quotes, along with the available payment plans.

Working for Oasis Orthodontics and Kingsley Orthodontics

Bryony Mostert indeed has a well-rounded career. But what she values the most is working with the people in the company. Dr Hopkins is a great boss and gets along with everyone and she is grateful for her job as a treatment coordinator.

She gets to do what she likes the most, which is to talk to patients. She is a familiar figure that eases their minds and tells them about what will happen during the treatment without scaring them. In fact, she wants them to look forward to the procedure.

Working at both Kingsley and Oasis Orthodontics allows her to strengthen her relationship with the patients. She also admires the practice manager and her boss, as well as everyone in the team. The offices are a comfortable place to work in, and no one is intimidating. More importantly, professionals who are hired are those that will fit well with the rest of the staff. It is a guaranteed way for everyone to get along.

Bryony’s Best Qualities

Bryony is known for her patience, especially with those requiring treatment. She makes sure they are calm and stress-free before they sit for the procedure. It is important for her to make sure they are less nervous and just trust the process.

She also loves being a part of an efficient arrangement and routine. When something has to be set up, cleaned, or restocked, she wants it to be in order before any procedure. Being organised is not only for the company but also for the patients. It sends a positive message to them because shuffling around is often eliminated. At the same time, team frustration is also reduced. This way, the main focus is on the needs of the patients.

Bryony is someone who likes to get everything started and prepared at the beginning of the day. Organisation is essential because it is the key to running things smoother with everyone knowing what their jobs entail.

Qualifications and Work History

  • Started in 2011 in the dental industry
  • First Aid
  • Certificate II in Information Technology
  • Certificate IV in Dental Nursing

Changes in the Industry That She Noticed

Although she started in 2011 in the industry, she has only been in orthodontics for about two years. Nevertheless, she has seen a lot of improvements. The prevailing concern now is to make sure that all patients are more comfortable. Some technological advancements, such as 3D scanning, are geared towards such a goal.

For instance, in the case of scanners, they are less complicated than moulds, which take a lot of time. Plus, patients often complain about the discomfort associated with these sticky moulds. With 3D scanning, all those unpleasantness can be eliminated. Everything is much easier with the use of digital products.

Invisalign and Spark are other options for clear aligners, too. Instead of wires and metal, these aligners can change a person’s smile without being too obvious. When given to the right candidate, they can provide incredible results.

Looking into the Future

Bryony is very much content with where she is right now. However, she is also thinking about taking her career further by being an oral health therapist who also works with an orthodontist.

Basically, the roles include placing brackets and performing wire changes. The therapist can also provide diagnoses and treatment recommendations for the patients, which can be quite exciting.

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