Braces (Fixed Appliances)

Braces are still considered one of the most popular, effective, time-tested treatments for correcting alignment issues. These traditional fixed appliances come in a variety of options including metal, incognito, and ceramic variations and can be an economical, efficient way to achieve the smile you’ve dreamed of.

Metal Braces and Their Benefits

Clear metal braces fitted for the patient.Time has proven just how effective metal braces are for teeth straightening. For several decades now, metal braces have been the top option when it comes to correcting teeth alignment. They are believed to be among the first-ever orthodontic appliances introduced for treating crooked teeth.

Aside from this conventional usage, these fixed appliances can also help fix facial symmetry issues. Metal braces come with brackets, which the orthodontist bonds on the surface of the teeth.

These braces stay in the oral cavity for several months. Therefore, they are made of materials with superior strength and have high corrosion resistance. Metal braces consist of either titanium alloys or stainless steel and have the following components:

  • Brackets, which are attached to the teeth and are the visible parts when you smile or open your mouth
  • Archwires or the metallic wires passing through the slots within the metallic brackets
  • Orthodontic ligatures or “rubber bands” pertaining to the elastics that hold the archwires in place

Metal braces are beneficial to the wearer in many ways, including:

  • Tested and proven efficacy
  • The assurance that the metal brackets will not give in and are fixed into place
  • The high unlikelihood of losing the appliance (compared to invisible aligners, for instance, which you can easily misplace
  • Best for those with crowded or crooked teeth, wider gaps, or bite problems

Metal or traditional braces allow orthodontists to control the movement of teeth, such as in very small increments. Each appointment is usually two to three weeks apart. During the scheduled meeting, the orthodontist will replace the ligatures. It is also the time when the wires will be adjusted or tightened to continue moving teeth to their correct positions.

How to Take Care of Your Metal Braces

You can only benefit from metal braces when you know how to care for them. If your orthodontist decides that you are a candidate for metal braces, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You should be prepared to stay away from foods and drinks that are not braces-friendly. They include hard and soft candies and even fruits and veggies that can get stuck in the metal braces.
  • You also have to brush your teeth and floss correctly and frequently. If you did not have good hygiene, now is your chance to correct your mistakes.
  • Make sure that you always stay on schedule, particularly with dental appointments. As much as possible, you should not miss any meeting. This way, the orthodontist can make proper adjustments when necessary.

Be aware that you will wear your braces for a substantial amount of time. Therefore, you should follow all the instructions your orthodontist has given you. Care for the braces and maintain good oral hygiene. If there is any issue, such as lingering pain, you should never hesitate to contact your Kingsley Orthodontics professional.

Are Metal Braces Suitable for You?

Before you can go ahead and decide that you want metal braces for yourself, you should first know whether or not they are the appropriate choice for you. Just like with Invisalign and invisible aligners, not everyone is a candidate for wearing metal braces.

Metal braces fixed to a happy child.Here are some questions you may want to ask:

  • Is your case tough?
    Traditional or metal braces are specifically designed for severe issues, including wide gaps, misalignment, protrusion, and overcrowding. They also help address those with underbites, crossbites, and overbites. If your teeth problem is not mentioned, you may have a slightly simple condition. Your orthodontist may suggest another treatment if you wish to know your options.
  • Is the cost an issue?
    Traditional braces are among the most affordable yet most effective treatments around. You can never go wrong with metal braces. Although you will need to wear them for about a year up to three years, you know your teeth will look better once you are done with them. They are certainly worth the investment, both money and time-wise.
  • Do you worry about the durability of the appliance?
    If your normal activities include contact sports and rigorous exercises, you can keep doing them even when wearing metal braces. The materials used are incredibly durable and can last throughout the whole treatment.
  • Do you want constant teeth-care?
    Unlike removable appliances, metal braces provide treatment 24/7. They do not stop working until you have completed the process. You cannot remove the metal wires from your mouth even when you eat or drink. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the braces becoming ineffective when you take them off.

Metal braces may give you a “metal mouth”, but you can now showcase your personality with the different band colours available. This way, you can add fun and variety while improving your oral health.

If you are interested in having a healthier mouth for the rest of your life, contact Kingsley Orthodontics for an evaluation. We will help you figure out if metal braces are the best option for your case.

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