Dr Anthony Hopkins

Dr Anthony Hopkins

Here at Kingsley Orthodontics, we have Dr Anthony Hopkins, a dedicated, hardworking orthodontic specialist whose goal is to provide everyone’s essential guides.

Dr Hopkins has an impressive set of skills and experience to back him up. He first entered the industry in 2006 when he graduated from The University of Manchester after completing his Dentistry course. Anthony continued his education while working as a General Dentist. Three years later, he received an offer to undergo training in orthodontics.

Dr Anthony moved to Australia in 2015. Just a few years later, he has become one of the most revered orthodontists in Australia. He is a proud member of many esteemed organisations, including the Australian Society of Orthodontics, the Royal College of Surgeons, and the Australian Dental Association.

When Dr Anthony is not treating and looking after patients, he is busy educating and providing useful information for the Kingsley Orthodontics. For him, knowledge about orthodontics is as beneficial as the treatment itself.

By reading the posts you will gain insight regarding orthodontic treatments and more. His goal is to make sure each patient is comfortable with the procedure they are about to go through by being informed to ensure the entire experience is as rewarding as possible.

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